Chicken guiness stew

Crock Pot ( Super Delicious ) Beef Stew ............. Fall is officially here, and I don’t know about you – but this is the start of soup & stew season for me. And, what’s better than a big, hearty bowl full of beef stew.

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Crock Pot Cashew Chicken - Couple hours for a couple days worth of food ;)

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The genius of this @EatingWell Slow Cooker Lasagna is that there is no pre-cooking. Just prep and start your slow cooker!

YAY! Crock pot all winter. Tons (literally tons) of Crock Pot Recipes...the jack pot of crock pot recipes.

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Slow cooker chicken in honey sauce.Chicken breasts with honey and soy sauce cooked in slow cooker.

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Moroccan Sweet Potato Beef Stew - A Great Crockpot Recipe..Healthy and delicious... a low fat meal that's quick and easy.. just a few minutes of prep