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  • Candy Paine

    bike painted in vibrant colors

  • James Stabler

    Beautiful bike at the beach

  • KS Cycling

    Colorful beach bike

  • Annie Simard

    Seascape BEACH ART PRINT - Bike by Mike Jones - CRUISER

  • Boots McKinnon

    rainbow bike via Mike Jones Pictures

  • Jim Burton

    Rainbow Beach Cruiser

  • Jaylin Douglas

    Colorful #prepare for picnic #summer picnic #picnic #company picnic|

  • Diane Colby

    Mike's Bike I shot this picture about 15 years ago on an old Graflex 4x5 view camera that I bought in High school. People are always asking if the colors are real, well, Photoshop didn't even exist yet when I shot this, so the answer is yes. It was a rusty old bike that I painted with some spray cans of flourescent paint I had lying around. I shot the picture purely for my own amusement. I never would have beleived that 15 years later it would still be my most popular picture.

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