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Here’s one cub reporter who could bearly contain herself as she watched a wildlife photographer at work. As Dean Swartz took pictures of a black bear family in Minnesota, America, he noticed one.

It's lame I have to write a description in this to repin it. So, this is a giraffe.

Goodness gracious I love giraffes

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I’m ready for my close-up! Inquisitive red squirrel investigates photographer’s camera

Do you mind if I borrow this camera? by Ed Hetherington This lioness borrowed my camera when I left it on a remote stand near a kill trying to photograph vultures fighting. We thought that she had abandoned the ki

Marmota sobe e olha pela lente de uma câmera

An alpine marmot looks through a photographer's unattended camera on the highest mountain. picture: Stefan Meyers/Ardea /Caters news - Austria

Animales y cámaras fotográficas captados en la naturaleza

Animales y cámaras fotográficas captados en la naturaleza

The Tables Have Turned by Will Nicholls on 500px

A red squirrel takes a look down the viewfinder of photographer Will Nicholls' camera in Northumberland, northern England.