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  • Children's Garden Project

    diy vertical window garden | Inspiration Wednesday: Vertical Vegetable Gardens

  • Ringya

    Window garden made out of plastic bottles

  • Irene Doll

    The PURE Gardener, Inc.: The Window Farms Project - Vertical Gardening

  • Wife2Apache36

    An indoor urban window farm made from recycled water bottles. The cost for materials to get this setup is only about $30 and can thrive in any sunny window. Think fresh-picked, inexpensive herbs year-round :-)

  • Melisa Emelda

    Window farming. A vertical leafy vegetable and herb garden can be grown in an apartment with a sunny aspect. This is the cheapest way to have a vertical garden, you can find the stuff around you

  • lisa thacker

    Vertical Gardener: Inspiration Wednesday: Vertical Vegetable Gardens

  • mmm butter!

    Awesome window farm garden!

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Recycled bottles filled with soil and herbs provide a functional herb garden at a family home in Sao Paulo.

We are pleased to announce the V3.0 release of the windowfarms community’s latest windowfarm design, the V3.0, the Modular Airlift Multicolumn Array, or MAMA! quieter easier to set up more elegant, but still do-able with all recycled water bottles

Shabby shack made from old windows. Love this!!

LOVE this. Plants growing in water hanging in window. Throw in some color and this is Magical....

DIY: Take a discarded window, repaint and attach a chain hanger. Place on the side of a garage or shed with no windows. Put a planter box with flowers underneath....beautiful and easy to do!!

Pet Bottle Hydroponic window farm -- Possibly convert to aquaponics by having a large fish tank at the bottom and pumps to send the water back up

I could do this with my patio window box - including the sign - and change the goodies with the seasons.

The Garden Fish Tank: The Future of Sustainability and Indoor Gardening | Patio Furniture Articles

Love how the blue of the flowers stand out againts the neutral tones