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Never shuck corn again. Cut an inch off the wide end and the corn slips right out...no silks! How did I not know this?!

This Kitchen Hack Is Going To Save Me So Much Time! - 12 Tomatoes

The Magic Corn Trick ~ The corn will just slide out leaving the silk and all of the husks intact. I KNOW this pin will be handy very soon :)

Plantar wart removal | chaddycake...I had several planters warts a few years back and did this same remedy and it really works!

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Speed-Peel A Potato, possible the coolest kitchen trick ever!!!

Thank goodness! Something that actually works! I need this every time I cut onions.

No mess- Corn trick!

Cupcakes! Did you know this? I didn't!..

7 Kitchen Shortcuts You Won't Believe You Didn't Know | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! Shine

Leave it to Pinterest to make ya feel dumb...Peeling An Orange, Like A Boss. Cut or pull the top and bottom circles from the orange/tangerine. Then slit between two sections and roll it out. MIND BLOWN.

watermelon cutting trick...never would have thought of this!

I have made these roasted veggies just about once every week since I saw this. Its a great healthy supper just for me!

Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil! Now you can easily add the cubes to pasta or potato dishes, stews, soups, or for roasting onions, garlic, and other veggies.

Great money-saving tip for long term storage of fresh lettuce. I learned this trick from my mom. She would have a huge tupperware container and wrap it in paper towels and press down on the top as she closed it to get the most air out of it. Most have lasted a month or more!

Baked Corn Dogs - used a pack of Jiffy, added 4-5 sliced up hot dogs & baked according to package. Healthier option to fried. CORN DOGSSSSS! - Click image to find more Kids Pinterest pins

Candy Cane Dust - put candy canes in food processor and pulverize - Add to your hot cocoa - Add to your coffee - Add to icing - Sprinkle on cakes and cookies - Add to cake or cookie batter - Dip chocolate pretzels in it - Sprinkle on ice cream or yogurt

Common Kitchen Measurements “Cheat Sheet"

Corn and Chickpea Fiesta Salad

Substitute for Cream of Tartar is Lemon Juice. 1/2 tsp CoT = 1/2 tsp Lemon Juice

"How To Tell When Steak is Done with Steak Doneness Chart" I didn't get it at first but now it makes perfect sense and is very simple.