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Try a Free Sample of Bio-Freeze and see if it can help your pain. Did you know it’s the number one clinically recommended topical pain reliever? Maybe this stuff really does work!

A Free Sample of Allegra! It’s that wonderful time of year, blooming flowers and budding trees accompianied by sneezing and a runny nose. Well they say this stuff can really help. Why not try a Free Sample and see what it can do for you? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the season without a tissue in your hand?

HB-101 - I got a Free Sample of this stuff the last time it was available. I gotta tell you that my plants love it! Why not try it and see for yourself? Show your plants a little love and they’ll show you their appreciation!

lol did I get your attention? This is a coupon good for this weekend only! Pick up a Free 3 oz Body Lotion (a $4.00 value) Choose either the Sexy or the Sweet – you will have to decide! Anyway pick them up at Bath and Body Works.

The one diet that appears to work and you can easily stick with is the Paleo Diet. Your body will love it, with endless food combinations and with just a few adjustments you can eat most things you love! With the Paleo Diet you can not only lose weight, but feel healthier and more energetic. Check it out, the book is Free!

Need some sleep assistance? Try After 7pm and see if it helps you get a good night’s sleep without feeling hungover in the morning. Don’t waste your money on products that don’t work! Try it before you buy it – and maybe enjoy some solid zzz’s too.

Smashbox is giving away 150,000 of their award winning Photo Finish Foundation Primer! I bet we can all nab one of these! This giveaway ends on July 31st so act fast!

I am not sure how this is gonna work – but I do love the idea! All you have to do is nominate someone to receive a Free Party from Mariott. Tell them about the people in your life who deserve a special celebration—and, if you are selected, they’ll throw them a surprise party they’ll never forget! Cool!

If your child loves magic, then this one is for you! Just sign them up with a free Mister Jeff membership. The Membership includes: Magic trick, book and other fun stuff! Cool!! Now watch them become the center of attention!

They say that this is the purist, cleanest and strongest way to build muscle. There are no banned substances and they totally stand behind their products. If you are a work out junkie or even a weekend athlete this one might be right for you. Try it before you buy it and see what you think.