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Tim Tebow...I have such a love / hate / lust relationship with Tebow. I predict the older he gets...he will just get more handsome.

jrue hewitt - "My baby cousin with leukemia just met Tim Tebow" (November 1, 2012)

Tebow and Tivo. Man he is good looking!

Tim Tebow:) absolutely love his courage for standing up for his faith && not letting peoples insensitive comments keep him from praising the Savior

5/21/14 10:23p One Man Team: Pics of Tim Tebow on T-Shirts: Draft Watch Passing the Ball in Blue F-Ball Pants. maaadddog.wordpre...

Tim Tebow. The PERFECT man. Admitted in an interview he was saving himself for marriage, what a great role model for young boys. He could have any woman he wants, but he chooses not to. Awesome.

My number one guy! 1. He loves Jesus 2. He plays football and 3. He looks like this!!

the one and only, Tim Tebow! such an amazing guy on and off the field. recommend his book!!

Tim Tebow ♥ nothin better than seeing a man down on his knees prayin ( and a football jersey couldn't get any better)