A Beginner''s Guide to the Farmers Market

Beginner Canning

Love this mixer guide.

A handy guide to how long different foods will keep

Farmers' Market Guide: Shop Once, Eat All Week

A Beginner's Guide to Organic Gardening & Farming

Eat Seasonably Calendar – Make sure your getting the freshest produce by following this guide. #health #healthyeating #wellness

Pick up a bunch of asparagus from the farmer's market or grocery store, and use this cooking guide to roast, steam, simmer, grill, or microwave the spears to perfection; http://www.bhg.com/recipes/how-to/cook-with-fruits-and-vegetables/how-to-cook-asparagus/?socsrc=bhgpin061414howtocookasparagus

Raspberries at the *Farmers Market~.

Salad Greens - guide

14 farmers market tips. Great ideas for gardeners too!

Some thoughts on selling at farmers' markets. 22 lessons in running a successful farmers' market stand, from someone who’s been in the business for almost 25 years.

Icing Tips Guide

Green smoothie guide.

I love the presentation in the shot. This shot was taken at a farmer's market and it shows that the farmer cares about how the veggies are presented. Many of the farmers at my market do not put this much care into their presentation.

Dry river bed in garden...clever way to break up a drab backyard too.

Onion guide.

Knife Guide

How To Store Your Groceries: Useful money saver since now you won't be throwing extra food in the trash!