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I laughed so hard at this joke in an office meeting once that I genuinely thought they would kick me out.

i am dying!!!! && crying from laughing so damn hard! HAHAHAHAHHAHHA @Rehana Lodge @Christi Fuessel

Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you have so much shit to do, that you decide to take a nap instead. I've done this a few times. Lol!!!

I moustach you a question but i'll shave it for later but it is hairy important.

One day the husband called his wife to tell her he had tickets for the play. She said “Great, I will start getting ready” to which he replied, “That is good – the play starts next week” It is tough to do inventories in Afghanistan because of the tally ban. To avoid that run-down feeling, look both ways when crossing the street.

Balance is the key. This ad is marketing genius in a nutshell.

Best Prom Date Idea Ever…

This so hits the nail on the head! There is no "deserving" when it comes to rape! The people who try to justify it are sick in the head!

Idk why this made me LOL so much - Edgar Allen Ho - Halloween costume Luffy Bailey

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