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Polyanthus ‘Gold Laced’

"Beautiful, old-fashioned and wonderful as a pot, garden plant or cut flower. Polyanthus 'Gold Lace' lasts nearly two weeks once cut and I use this Polyanthus as an edible flower, scattered over jewelled rice or couscous.It’s the texture of polyanthus, as

A miracle daisy Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers - Gorgeous Flowers Garden & Love


osteospermum fruticosum - trailing African daisy or shrubby daisybush, is a shrubby, semi-succulent herbaceous flowering plant native to South Africa, belonging to the small tribe Calenduleae of the sunflower family


Top 15 Most Beautiful Camellia Flowers

Гибискус (Hibiscus) – необычайно популярное растение, давно известное в комнатной культуре. Относится оно к семейству Мальвовые (Malvaceae). Растет в разных странах, в основном в тропическом регионе.

Rum Runner Hibiscus - So beautiful. They actually change color according to the time and weather. In the morning they are deep, vibrant colors; later in the day, they become soft pastels.

The Northern-Queen-of-Sheba-Orchid: [Thelymitra pulcherrima} - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Orchid - The Queen of Sheba - Thelymitra speciosa - This flamboyant beauty is native to Western Australia. It grows in open, sandy clays in exposed plains within the Wheatbelt. It takes between 7 to 10 years to flower-


Borage: beautiful herb that is true blue. The flowers and leaves are edible and lend a cucumber flavor to your salad.

Île Saint-Germain

~~Blue Ensign Morning Glory ~ Île Saint-Germain by marianboulogne~~ and I can GROW morning glories.

AMAZING color!  Taken 8/21/2010 by Rebecca Tifft.  Great shot, she had no idea what kind of flower it is. Do you know what it is?

Not color-enhanced. Taken by Rebecca Tifft. Great shot, she had no idea what kind of flower it is. Identified by Pinners as Salpiglossis, Painted Tongue, and Poor Man's Orchid.

L’arum titan (Amorphophallus titanum) produit une inflorescence atteignant parfois plus 3 m (10 pi) de hauteur.

World’s Largest Flower. This is supposed to be the largest flower in the world.