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10 Secret Body Parts You Didn’t Know You Had…lol

That's some kickin' chicken.


look at anything with a little humor :) #MoveOn #positive #affirmation www.ElleBernard.etsy.com

@Carrie Martin....I'm fairly certain strawberry stoli said something very similar to you, Amanda, and I ... But it included a dingy inflatable boat and the port of Galveston....

Phteven, the dog kills me, ha ha

If men could get pregnant, abortion clinics would be like Starbucks.


haha cracks me up every time

I will do the first one for sure!

baby 101

[Random Facts] some of these are so interesting.

Once had an ex tell me "Babe, when you use periods in every text, it seems like your angry." I was angry, both before and after that statement. And yes, he did make that spelling error. I judged.


very true

big bang theory

hahaha i just died.