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    sounds like someone i know.... KRISTIN

    thats right!!!!


    best friend.

    Best friend

    My Best Friends ♥


    girl style, just girly things, justgirlythings, laugh, laughing... Expect i don't look like da gal in the photo;) I normally end up falling over

    best friends

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    so true

    not complicated at all...

    Best Friends


    who were you again? No link by original pinner so unable to give credit where credit is due.

    in every girls life; there's a boy she'll never forgot and a summer where it all began. - So True!

    Bff Nicole Lelonde

    Friends vs. Best Friends

    Love this

    Wine & friends are a great blend

    "best friend" isn't just a name. a best friend is someone who's there for you, no matter what. you can trust them, with anything and everything. best friends share tears and laughs, almost like their emotions are intertwined. most importantly, you can always count on a best friend.