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Trilobite fossil. this looks like it can just crawl away ,very cool!!!

Trilobite fossil. Over 17,000 known species roamed the oceans for over 270 million years. All gone now...

Drotops megalomanicus trilobite. Check out the lenses on the eyes.

WOW I want this trilobite! He is beautiful! So often their appendages get broken off, I've rarely seen one so nice & complete.

A Trilobite fossil minus the rock around it. By Alex Treadway. I actually have a Trilobite fossil! How interesting!

Tricrepicephalus texanus Weeks Formation Millard County, UT Cambrian

A permineralized trilobite, Asaphus kowalewskii This trilobite came from Ordovician-age strata near St. Petersburg, Russia. The eyestalks practically never come out of the matrix intact, since they are so fragile. At least one of these had to be glued back on.

Fossil trilobite w sea stars