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Rosie from The Jetsons

Rosie the robot, The Jetsons.my favorite Sat morning cartoon more old cartoons Oh how I loved these! cartoons were hipsters Dc univers.

These guys helped to create the person I am today :)

Dibujos animados de los '90 [Recorda tu infancia]

animaniacs (cartoons of the Vintage Cartoon Glasses Walt Disney TV shows in the 1950 Saturday morning cartoons at the movies.

Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzalez a cartoon character that was extremely controversial because of the fact that he did not properly represent the Hispanic culture. During his show he would steal cheese and had a cousin who was an alcoholic.

Los 10 mejores perros de caricaturas 'retro' | Noticiasnet

A funny saying and thought of the day. Never hold your farts in comedy quote and humor picture to laugh at.

Early Spring Toad in Garden 4 photo: Small toad hiding in the leaf litter of the garden.  Hard to see because of its coloring.  Photograph from Polished Moxie Concepts and Designs. This photo was uploaded by polishedmoxie

"Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey, Hello My Ragtime Ga. Michigan J. Frog is an animated cartoon character who debuted in the Looney Tunes cartoon One Froggy Evening (December written by Michael Maltese


I used to watch Popeye as a child (one of the few cartoons). I always loved how he would solve a problem "instantly" by chomping on the spinach. We can all chomp on the metaphorical "spinach" and flex our muscles needed for any situation.

Who remembers these?!

Oh, I always wanted pom-poms on my roller skates! Just heard a song at Ace Hardware yesterday I used to roller skate to: Knock Three Times. Remember that song? That was 40 years ago! I loved rollerskating on Friday nights at Jimmies Rollerdrome!

Los Supersónicos

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