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  • Klara E.

    DIY Chalkboard paint recipe, and in any color! How fun would it be to have a pink chalkboard?

  • Jamie Warren

    homemade chalkboard paint recipe - any color you like.

  • Niki Schwartz

    DIY Chalkboard paint recipe - any color you like. Who knew it was so easy to make. I want something painted with chalk board paint!

  • Sarah Reed

    DIY Chalkboard paint recipe - any color you like. Same as Martha Stewart method but gives smaller quantities.

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Homemade Chalk Paint: Mix 1 cup of paint and 2 tablespoons unsanded tile grout with a paint stirrer until smooth. Paint with a roller or a foam applicator to a painted/primed surface making sure to get even coverage. After dry time lightly sand and wipe to remove dust. Rub area with chalk then wipe with barely damp cloth to prepare board for use.

Martha Stewart's recipe for homemade chalk board paint. Wow. And in any color. Was looking for this!

old window chalkboard calender. Now when am I going to bump into it at a flea market ....

How to make Homemade Chalkboard Paint (cheap and can make in any color!)

get the chalk board spray paint and paint an old silver tray....*cheap silver trays for sale at the dollar tree!

Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint. Who knew it was this easy. 1 Cup of latex house paint or acrylic craft paint. 1 TBSP of non-sanded tile grout, mix and that's it.

Old Tshirt Quilt... someday when my kids go off to college... this will be a sentimental gift!!!

Get outta town - I can make my own chalkboard paint in any color/quantity I want!!!

Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself.Great idea! I use Mod Podge enough that this would be a great idea and save lots of money.

kinda of like your tractors! when your done you should take a picture of them and post it on pintrest! i bet it would spread fast :)