Manhattanhenge - an occurence when the setting sun aligns perfectly with east-west streets - by michaelnyc

NYC. Manhattan


Sunset at The Statue of Liberty ~

8th avenue, nyc

New York streets

NYC. Manhattan midtown view from New Jersey

East River and Downtown Manhattan

Trinity Church, Lower Manhattan (with its bridge connecting the church to its offices at 74 Trinity Place). The bridge was built to help people get across the street safely from the church - cars tend to speed up on this stretch of Trinity Place as they came out of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

Sunset on Key West Beach #islands

for an magic travell with my children

Quiet city street

Manhattanhenge, New York, one of the two days of the year when the setting sun lines up exactly with the city's east-west streets



Foggy Night, New York City (click the image... : )

I may have started to finally outgrow you

NYC. Central Park South and Central Park taken from Columbus Circle under a heavenly, mystical light...