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Miranda Lambert: 15 Things I'll Never Apologize For

The country superstars got some bold opinions about the pressure to be slim, life with hot husband Blake Shelton and packing heat. Youll fall head over cowboy boots in love with her.
  • Danielle Wittmeyer

    Miranda Lambert on Body Image, Marriage to Blake Shelton and Hating Exercise: Healthy Stars: She's my hero! :]

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Although I love the look of a healthy & fit body, it's important to note that healthy & fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I will never be smaller than a size 8 @ my fittest, and I LOVE the curves that I keep when I am that size :-)

Most of the suggestions are just to drop the sugary mixers. Club soda is your friend?

If only more women could become convinced of this... probably a lot easier if the media got on board!

Strategies that WORK! It all starts in the head

i don't need to be a skinny minnie, but i want my clothes to fit, and flatter my curves.

I don't care how many people are in the world. I want you. End of story.

I need to read this over and over as I push myself to be something I might not be need to be...skinny!!!

these aren't unhealthy ideas! these are great tips! however you don't have to go to bed hungry, a small snack (a yogurt, handful of almonds, something) if you need it is fine. not sleeping because you're hungry is not a good thing

The Skinny Rules- I didn't think these sounded ridiculous until the "go to bed hungry" one. I mean, obviously don't binge before bed, but hungry? really?

Skinny does not necessarily mean beauty or health. These come in a variety of sizes. Focus on being a beautiful and healthy you!