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  • Katy Moquin

    “My face breaks into a huge smile and I start walking in Peeta’s direction. Then, as if I can’t stand it another second, I start running. He catches me and spins me around and then he slips – he still isn’t entirely in command of his artificial leg – and we fall into the snow, me on top of him, and that’s where we have our first kiss in months.” -Katniss Chapter 3 of Catching Fire I really hope they leave this in the movie. <3 Great fan art too

  • Cheyenne Teeter

    I love this part Katniss and Peeta book 2

  • My Hunger Games

    POLL: What Do You NEED To See in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

  • B W

    THG: peeta and katniss, snow kiss by ~Minuiko on deviantART

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This makes me excited for the movie!! Actually it makes me want to read it again...

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New Catching Fire poster!!!!!!!

I almost started crying at this part it is probably my favorite part because of well everything. THEY ARE THE EST ACTORS EVER!!

These are lyrics from Atlas by Coldplay on the catching fire soundtrack! You really check the song out if you haven't

Guys just saw Catching Fire. I cried like five times! It was so well executed and so so true to the book! Loved it! Seeing it again tomorrow!

District 12 victors, Katniss and Peeta ♥ Can't wait to go see this one

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you at midnight.” ~ Katniss Everdeen, Catching Fire Oh, this is perfection. Brutal, wrenching perfection. Words are caught in my throat…

catching fire coloring pictures | catching_fire__sketching_plants_by_catching_smoke-d4yqbqx

The Capitol PN Facebook page and HitFix shared two new posters. PANEM ALERT: President Coriolanus Snow is pleased to announce this year’s Victory Tour, featuring Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark – Victors of the 74th Hunger Games! The Capitol PN demands that all districts prepare accordingly. Inquire with your local district officials for further instructions.