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The Meta Picture

You have more than 6 to work with... I know for a fact that some of these are true. Others I don't know enough about. Judge for yourself.

Smart Health Talk Pick: A thought to keep in mind.. Really hits home as our radio show is on the air with complete freedom to say what we want w/o censorship. We're one of a few privately owned radio stations. Our owner, Fred Lundgren was a farmer for years. Drove his tractor to Washington DC & back for farmers rights. Can reach people all over the world & special as can say what television can't since sponsor money so big. No big money at our station, but have tried to buy out Fred many times.

Spiders out of control… || saw this in (I think?) my college psychology text and often think of it re: caffeine addiction. Still drink my coffee though. :)

Now that I think about it...I probably wouldn't recognize my clone either... Very interesting!

Oh my goodness. I want to try this, but I must admit I am a little terrified.

2, 2, 2, not a gamer, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, not sure, 1, don't smoke, 2, 2, neither one, 1, 2.

How to recognize artists' works! (You have to click thru to see the entire list - totally worth it for the last one alone!!!)

OMG!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Wait ... I don no weather too laff or kri. Seems the more edumacated we get, the dumber we become. ***** Dumbest things said on the Internet…

Makes me realize how exposed I've been to Greek mythology versus Roman mythology. I know everything by their Greek forms xD except for Hercules...but he's a special case. *nod* And DUDE, why was he Hercules in the Disney movie, but all of the gods went by their Greek forms???

Not an adult but YEAH! But I'm positive that when I'm an adult, I won't fear children. xD