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Dear 3Am

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Sleep ! :)

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Repurposed Wood Wall Hanging | Nordstrom" YOUR CRAZY IS SHOWING YOU MIGHT WANT TO TUCK THAT BACK IN! 24.00

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30 Funny animal captions - part 12 (30 pics), animal memes, animal pictures with captions, funny memes, funny animals

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Cowgirl Cards - You Don't Have Bigger Balls Than Me - Mine Had To Be Put On My Chest To Avoid Chafing - 5x7 Blank Inside

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Starry poster

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From "30 Rock"

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3/4 Beds


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Ten is way, way too late: | The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From “30 Rock”

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Hahahahaha Truth

Hahaha If you've started Zumba you'll appreciate this.This is too funny.

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

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A Giraffe


Yep That'S



heee ;-), cute, funny, laugh, laughter, smile, smiles, funny stuff, jaja, haha, hahaha, fun, happy, pretty :) :D hi, lol Yup spider, giraffes

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3/4 Beds

haha - this happens far too often in my world

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Find your ideal partner, look at this website -

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Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Funny


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Nu'Est Jr

Shut up already!!!

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60 Years

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Yeta love!!

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Flatter us, repin it.

Im Sad

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True Story



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I Am On

.hahha - so true for me!! :)


Deceived Seal

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Kevin Understands

You’re afraid to talk about “what you did over the weekend.” | 18 Signs You're The Youngest Person In The Office THIS IS MY LIFE.

theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

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I totally want to carry chalk with me now

I. love. her.

I. love. her.

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I. love. her.

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True Story


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nice bangs

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

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i just love this movie. :)