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    While these regal damselfish are inarguably difficult to raise, an enterprising marine fish breeder embraces and successfully meets the challenge of rearing them, an accomplishment that will no doubt aid in their commercial aquaculture.


    Blenny with its eggs

    Frogfish - big eyes you see are not really eyes! The eyes are actually on the sides of the head

    mandarin fish

    The butterfly barb is a rarely seen species that is challenging to keep. Two skilled fish breeders collaborated on spawning it and offer their tips on how to do so in your own home.

    Raising fish in tanks that contain hiding places and other obstacles can make the fish smarter, according to an international team of researchers.

    Blue Boxfish

    Discus Fish

    Bennett's toby (Canthigaster Bennetti)

    Very Hairy Frogfish

    Cardinal Fish - Bali

    Funny looking!

    Although not as popular as cories or plecos, syno cats are just as entertaining and provide a bit of a challenge for the aspiring fish breeder.

    Mandarin Fish

    ^Trunk fish

    Mating Mandarin Fish

    Mandarin fish

    Juvenile Garibaldi

    Publications by G. Joan Holt [lots of larval marine fish info!]

    Protecting the family