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    While these regal damselfish are inarguably difficult to raise, an enterprising marine fish breeder embraces and successfully meets the challenge of rearing them, an accomplishment that will no doubt aid in their commercial aquaculture.

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The butterfly barb is a rarely seen species that is challenging to keep. Two skilled fish breeders collaborated on spawning it and offer their tips on how to do so in your own home.

Six line wrasse are a common find in the Indo-Pacific oceans and are collected in large numbers for the marine aquarium hobby.

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six line wrasse - would absolutely lovvvve to be able to study marine life up close

Magnificent Ascidian: credit: Leander Wiseman.

Although not as popular as cories or plecos, syno cats are just as entertaining and provide a bit of a challenge for the aspiring fish breeder.

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Publications by G. Joan Holt [lots of larval marine fish info!]

With larvae that will accept a range of food and tolerate less-than-perfect water quality, bundoon blennies have proven to be a relatively easy marine fish to breed for beginners.