Love the lighting in the photo, with the pale pink umbrella.

Brooke Shaden

_______We love rain


Under the rain at Paris

Color. Beauty

Glittery skies

Rendezvous - Kiss Me In The Rain... Make Me Feel Like A Child Again!.With The Feeling That I get, I don't Even Mind If We Get "Wet " ..Barbara Streisand #LadyLuxuryDesigns

Red umbrella in the rain

After the Rain, by Chikara Umihara | 20x200 - gorgeous print

Love this, #photography #streetphotography #street

( rainy day by Ferdi Doussier)


Rain on my face, bouncing on my eyes | Is it a gentle, summer rain the kind that warms you through? Or is it icy, winter rain that chills you to the bone | Rain can symbolize danger, power and uncertainy or hope, rebrith and a new beginning.


rainy day at home.

View through a rainy window pane... Glorious.


circles and rectangles.......

Rainy Day Canvas

rainy day