• Singing Pines

    Crash Hot Potatoes _ Anyway, I just love Australia. I just tried this side dish last night—it was sent to me by Trish, an Aussie friend/reader, a few weeks ago—and I wound up absolutely loving it. Created by Australian food writer Jill Dupleix.

  • Danielle Faller

    I love to bake little red potatoes with PARMESEAN CHEESE sprinkled generously on top...and this is a perfect twist to my already perfect little side dish. I'll add parmeasean cheese to this lovely little recipe. Blogger is humorous too :)

  • Christina Nichols

    Crash hot potatoes. Recipe calls for oven but I bet we could cook them in grill pan.

  • Terrie Taylor

    Crash Hot Potatoes, AKA Smashed Potatoes. Turned out pretty good. : )

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