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Ha! Scary mantel~

Taxidermied Heads of Star Wars Creatures Mounted on Fireplaces

Funny pictures about Star Wars Taxidermy. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Taxidermy. Also, Star Wars Taxidermy.

As the Emperor takes over the role of antagonist, Darth Vader shapeshifts into a reflection character for Luke in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

SCRIPT NOTES: A Final Reflection on Major Character Types

*giggle* Personally, the best bits are Obi Wan's expressions!

The dark side

The best part of this whole movie is Ani's lame attempts at getting the girl and being a legit jedi. But he makes it out of the friendzone

The Vehicles of Star Wars #infographic #StarWars #Entertainment

The Vehicles of Star Wars #infographic

I like this one but it lacks several crucial ships, e.g The Ravager, The Ebon Hawk and The Leviathan

Star Wars.  More Cool Stuff at "Geek Home and Holiday" http://www.pinterest.com/SuburbanFandom/geek-home-and-holiday/

The Best Star Wars Furniture

Star Wars home decor -- Millennium Falcon Bed, Chewbacca Couch, AT-AT Liquor-Cabinet

blama anlas LOL leave your name in the comments

What is Your Star Wars Name???

What's your Star Wars name? Mine was awesome. Hard to pronounce, but awesome.

501st Legion is a Star Wars costume organization. It only makes sense that its 404 page would play on Obiwan's famous jedi mind trick with a "weak-minded" stormtrooper.

Happy 404 Day! Here Are the Web's Funniest Error Messages [PICS]

Saw this on Mashable for unique 404 pages and it made the geek in me laugh. I think it is time for me to add a custom 404 page to the website with this image!


Custom R2-D2 Xbox

I want this X-Box. Even though I almost never play console games XD

Dear sith Lord, we thank you for thy mercy and protection...we ask that you smite our foes to show them the power of the darkside...in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost....amen

We must pray like this...

Funny pictures about Religion just took a whole new meaning. Oh, and cool pics about Religion just took a whole new meaning. Also, Religion just took a whole new meaning.

Sale at the Maul

This is to funny. I'm still laughing :) ~~ Funny Star Wars Pictures – 47 Pics. My favs were the Han Choir and the Darth Maul one. Everything HALF OFF. hahahahahahahahaha I'm cracking up!

There are no Secret Santas in the Jedi Council. I felt your presents