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    Tight Rolling Pants

    80s Fashion

    Regardless of the brand.... pinch rolling jeans in the 1980's was a MUST!

    80's fashion omg, I forgot about the puffy 'sweatshirts' (left)-- they were comfy

    Stirrup Pants!

    the way they rolled



    Playing Oregon Trail. Dysentary! Always freaking dysentary! Never got to finish this game!

    Yes kids, we did have to actually purchase flashes for our cameras. Does anyone else remember these?

    Oh yikes... who can forget Z Cavaricci pants.

    You're either laughing or trembling in terror for remembering those 90s fashion.. It may be awkward now but it wasn't then...


    80's baggy clothes. I remember this--it was an Esprit ad.

    Remember these shirts? 80's fashion

    Cap Highlights

    Gitano brand pinstriped jeans, I had the exact pair with a matching purple shirt :)

    ...those were the days!

    I Loved This Show!

    Rolling Down the Car Window

    "All in the family" - Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton