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    • Molly Cowan

      I volunteer with an organization that recuperates neglected and abused animals. I adopted my own rescue dog because of it. It's a lowly heartless person that does this sort of thing to animals. It breaks my heart.

    • Amanda Gagne

      Before and after photos of rescued animals. Its so important to help your local animal shelters and animal rescues. Adopt !

    • Legolas Grandor

      Rescued animals: before/ afters

    • Paula Bryant

      Before and after photos of rescued animals. Look what a little love, food and shelter can do! We can make a WORLD of a difference. Let's go for it, one stray at a time. YOU CAN make a difference!!!!!!!

    • Kalie Howard

      Rescued animals before and after! Heart breaking but happy endings! Save a life and Adopt a pet today 🐶🐱

    • Jodi Firth

      PET ADOPTIONS: Before and After (be still my heart)

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