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parkour time time to run around the walls....uh-huh.

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Chase Armitage Free Running & Parkour by Chase Armitage (Professional Parkour/FreeRun), via Flickr

Parkour. Developed in France Parkour is derived from gymnastics and other martial arts. Parkour focuses on self defense through tactical retreat. Needless to say it takes a lot of guff for it. However the art continues to grow because it is fun and looks awesome. As a martial art I must give it some credit. Tactical retreat is sometimes a very good option.

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parkour is my life it's my sport and my way of living when people see walls they think "oh hey a wall" while i think "wonder if i could get over that"

An undervalued move in my opinion. Flips get all the attention until you start actually getting out there and doing it; then you realize just how amazing it looks and feels to do even a simple move like this one.