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Bottle Bibs for Baby - Makes Feeding so much easier than burp pad under the chin and less messy. super simple to make - but would it work? Be worth the trouble?

Car Seat Cooler DIY: keeps carseat cool on hot day when family is out and the car is baking in the sun. (NOT FOR UNDERNEATH BABY!!!)

One Sassy Housewife: DIY Hammock-Type Baby Swing...with instructions. The one on Etsy...$135 plus shipping. To make it yourself...$53 for two swings (26 per swing)!

Martha Stewartfrom Martha Stewart

Bath Apron

Baby Shower Gift

Yes! Because otherwise the bib just moves all over!!! I love this. Who wants to make some!!!

DIY sling - two rings, long strip of fabric...this is great b/c you can pick super cute fabric! I'll be glad I pinned this one day

Not all sewing! 20 great DIY items and gear for baby gifts....or one's you'd want to stock up on for yourself! #babyshower #diy #gift #tutorial