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* Mush-room’ - Art Suite Viktor Tsarski & Liliya Pobornikova, Bulgaria. A serene mushroom forest awaits you. Liliya Pobornikova is an sculptor who works with wood, stone, sand, marble, fire, ceramics, straw, ice and snow. She recently took the grand prize in a National Geographic Magazine photo competition. Viktor Tsarski, architect and sculptor, chose the shot which was the one to win. This is the third ICEHOTEL suite for Bulgarian Liliya and Viktor. *

from Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Unusual Place: The Swedish Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel in Sweden | open from December through April. Temperatures range from -8 C to -5 C (17.6 F to 23 F). inside, -37 C (-34.6 F) out, Guests sleep on reindeer skin and sleeping bags, making for a comfortable and cozy sleep.