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13 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat - I honestly don't like cats.unless they're the ones that "act like dogs".nonetheless, if I were to adopt one, one day, for whatever reason, it'd be a black one!

Cat Rules!! I want this hanging in the apartment

Our House Cat Rules. These are the rules. This cat rules the house. And this cat rules!

The Cat Brothers!

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All-Black Cats ( All of the black cats I've known have been exceptionally intelligent, loving and fun to own. )

YOUR Cat Photos: Group 5

All-Black Cats.I have a special love for the black kitties! Black whiskers and black nose


Cats: Gracing households since 2000 BC. Adopt a cat to grace your household!

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat. READ AND ADOPT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Reasons to Own a Black Cat Animal Bliss" - a problem if you have dark carpet and walk around at night. Not true (for me anyway). I've had mine 11 years and still haven't found love.

Identical Twins:-)

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Cat mannerisms=Love

10 signs your cat loves you - this melted my heart. And i thought my cats found me annoying. they must love me after all!