Group "Rules" and office expectation banner. The "group rules" banner is for more than just groups. The rules on this banner make great rules for a school counseling office . Students can refer to them and "remind" each other of the rules ;). Visit School Counselor Blog for more innovative ideas, creative lessons, and quality resources. ($15.00)

New School Counselor

Great website for group counseling activities, games, exercises, and initiatives!

Hanselor the Counselor

Confidentiality and Group Banner -School Counselor Blog: How I Decked The Walls of My School Counseling Offices

THINK before you speak: Group Counseling ideas :)

Elementary School Counseling Group Activities - Anger Management

A great resource for school counseling groups & ideas!

Bulletin board (original idea from School Counselor's Blog)

A bunch of school counseling bulletin boards! The Angry Birds one reminds me of the time I spent at my elementary internship :)

Small group rules

Cute sign for Sister's office

Group counseling activities - fear in a hat. Could adapt w/ various topics for family sessions.

Elementary School Counseling - Group Activities for Anxiety

Self-Esteem Group Planner. Thank you Danielle for creating it! :)

The Inspired Counselor: Intro Class Lessons K-12

My School Counselor Activity from the Savvy School Counselor

Elementary or Middle School Counseling Group: "The Octopus Club: 8 Legs to Managing Anger/Stress." Start a psychoeducational group with weekly lesson plans to teach helpful strategies for stress and anger.

My students often have difficulty dealing with anger in safe, appropriate ways. These are some of my go-to activities in my counseling groups. They help students to discover what anger feels like, ...

5 Great Ideas for Secondary School Counselors on the links for books by subject. It goes to a site to choose chapter books, etc. for group work. | The Counseling Office

Free art therapy counseling group activity worksheet