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from Real Simple

How to Barter Anything

Real Simple: Though women are earning more money than ever, we still tend to pass the buck on important money matters, such as investing and retirement. Ready to take charge of your financial future? Start right here.

Is stocking up on items for barter a smart idea? How easy will it be to get what you want and need via bartering in a post-collapse world? In this video, Lisa talks about the pros and cons of barter and stands by her recommendation to always have some cash on hand!

Bartering Ideas - Don't spend money! Swap goods and services. Here are 25 real-life examples from moms who have done it. #bartering #frugalliving

Time Tested Negotiating Strategies and Tactics You May Need to Literally Barter Your Life Back in Survival Situations PLUS Top Items to Have for Survival Bartering

from SeedTime

15 Awesome Ways To Make $200 Fast!

If you are needing to make some cash quickly, here are some ideas to get your brain spinning - and if you have any other money making ideas share them in the comments!

from Rain on a Tin Roof

How to Make Money Blogging (10 Ways to get you started)

10 ways to make money blogging!! {Rain On A Tin Roof}- might need to keep this handy for future reference