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    • April Lee

      The Inner Monologue of a Pinner: 'I want to sew!' 'No, I want to workout.' 'Wait, is that a mason jar?' 'Oh f*ck it, now I want cake.'

    • Beth Satterfield

      TRUTH! ...some day I shall jog to my craft closet to sew decorative gift tags for some yummy cakes baked in mason jars! hahaha

    • Lauren Clark

      Exactly! I'm taking a sewing class, painted mason jars, and do home workouts, so at least I'm actually doing this stuff, right?!

    • Roxanne Ludford

      pretty much.. minus the working out, sewing and mason jar parts!

    • Katers *

      I thought it was just me! Addiction to pinterest or everything?

    • Melissa Cox

      Nailed it!-wait is that a mason jar!!!! Lmaoooo

    • Summer Sherman

      so funny, because its true

    • Kelli Cunningham

      pinterest addict!

    • Lee Ann Downs

      Funny Stuff

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    pretty much




    So true!!!

    So true..."Let me do that!!!"

    5 more minutes

    Lmao, pretty much. Mothers Day x 2.

    lol, so true

    It's totally true! HA HA!

    My husband must've made this e-card ;)

    So true.

    O so true...!


    "Modern Art = I Could Do That + Yeah, But You Didn't" print by Craig Damrauer via 20x200

    So true ;)