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Hair-wrapped pony Stylists love the look of hair wrapped around the elastic. To get this look, skip the nasty fake hair ones you can buy in drugstores and department stores (tacky!) and follow these directions instead:p] Step 1: Pull hair back into a ponytail. Step 2: Pull a pencil-thick piece of hair from the bottom of the pony. Step 3: Wrap hair around elastic. Leave two inches to pull down through the elastic. Step 4: Secure with a couple bobby pins.


1-Minute Makeover: The Longer, Fuller Ponytail


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Secret Hair Styling Technique - Fabulous Bumped Ponytails Without Teasing -...


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The Fall Haircuts Coming Out Of L.A.'s Raddest Salons

Stylist: Buddy PorterSalon: MécheWhat to ask for: A long, blunt cut with no layering.Long hair gets a fresh update this season with a blunt, one-length look.


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Can I just west these around my house?? Gorgeous! :)

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High, middle or low ponytail? (26 photos)