super hero manatees!!

Idea for ULE have them create their own stories about cartoon characters after the movie ends happened later in their lives…

muppetlotr <3


Star wars humor (did i spell humor right well i guess on one will know because seeeccreeetttsssss....)

Know your Muppets...

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Muppet X-Men

So good.

THOSE TWO NEED THEIR OWN MOVIE!!!!!! This needs to happen.

If you’re ever sad, remember that Patrick Stewart’s twitter picture... is this.

what just happened??

Part of a project on public art, students at Wake Forest University constructed this periodic table of the elements on top of an ordinary picnic table.

Muppet x-men


What really happened..?

Pardon me while I jump off a building to see who will save me first.

yes. this will happen.

I cant help it! Muppets rule!