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1939 Chambers Range

  • Viana Blum

    Hi Brenda, Wow your story brings back many memories of the same. My Mom had EXACTLY the same range as this picture. She cooked the same way, on "retained" heat. That was THE word!!! And just as you said, left the oven on for 20 minutes, turned it off and the roast was done later that day. Hers was from 1939 just like this one. We also had to sell hers when she moved from her house. Hard to see it go. Have a great day. Isn't Pinterst amazing?!!!

  • Brenda Zoschke McLaughlin

    Nice to "meet" you Viana! That Chambers range thing probably seems silly to anyone who didn't have one...but I'm sure you get it! Thanks for writing and sharing similar memories! It will probably never happen, but someday I hope to be able to find...uh...afford (!) a refurbished Chambers similar to my Mom's...hopefully in red!! I grew up in Denver, and when we sold my Mom's house, I just didn't have a way to take it...partly because we would have had to rip out door jams just to get it out...don't know how my Dad ever got that thing into the kitchen in the first place! I heard later that the people who bought the house just sold it to a thrift store...breaks my heart! Someone in the Denver area is probably enjoying that stove...hopefully they appreciate it like you and I would! And yes, Pinterest is amazing...actually it's probably a little too amazing for my own good! But finding friends who share similar interests and passions is alot of fun!! Blessings!!

  • Brenda Zoschke McLaughlin

    P.S....we may share another interest. I just noticed your white Poodle...I have a mini black Poodle. She's spoiled rotten, as all Poodles probably are. Sleeping on my foot as I and ornery, full of personality, goes everywhere with me! She's my little buddy!! :-)

  • Brenda Zoschke McLaughlin

    Oh my heavens....I just looked at your page and we share more interests than just Poodles and Chambers!! Art, antique irons, music (I'm a pianist...have taught for years and was a choir teacher for 18 years), sewing, birdhouses, tea & tea cups/pots, vintage everything...especially love hankies, Victorian everything, china, quilting, dancing, churches, goes on and on!! Are you a long lost sister or something? Ha! How fun...I hope you don't mind me perusing your incredible pins because they already are bringing smiles!! Wow....!!!

Chambers Retained Heat Gas Range Model B (I like the model C better but this was what was available on Craigs List and in our budget!)

1960 Tappan Gas range and oven