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Fenella Elms. Yellow Comb. Porcelain.

from Foursquare

New York City

Fenella Elms - Edges - Very fine ribbons of mostly porcelain clay delicately aligned and joined with slip to create intricate structures -built onto an under-sheet of porcelain - fired together.

Porcelain Sculpture by Fenella Elms #fenellaelms

Yes it's clay. Maria Oriza: modern ceramic sculpture and wall panels.

Fenella Elms - Ceramics Artist - Edges ... It looks like sheets of paper with stripes cut into them...

Penny Evans, " Design work on my ceramics reference my Kamilaroi/Goomeroi cultural heritage in combination with my unique and evolving graphic style. The technique of sgraffito is a strong feature of the ware and links to Kamilaroi/Goomeroi men’s traditions of carving into tree, weapons, utensils as well as ground carving for ceremonial purposes, communications and storytelling. 2D mixed media works examine more recent histories as opposed to narratives connecting culture to country."