Green pancakes for St Patrick's Day! Just add green food gel to your favorite pancake mix.

Green pasta for the kiddos. Simply add food coloring to water before cooking the pasta. St. Patrick's Day

love it for green eggs and ham or for st pattys day or halloween!


St. patricks day treat for z

St. Patrick's Day drink for everyone! Sprite with green ice cubes made from Koolaid

Green M&M's, green Jelly Belly jelly beans, and green Hershey's Kisses are great for decking out the St. Patrick's Day dessert table. Shop hundreds of GREEN candy products at

St Patrick's Day rainbow leprechaun-trap-cake! Fun! Need an Angel Food Cake Pan? Need food coloring gel?

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

green velvet cake

St. Patrick St. Patrick's Day: A Brief History Fun Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cupcake Diaries: Green Candied Popcorn

St Patricks Day Pizza

shamrock cupcakes...3 marbles

Green Velvet Cake For St. Patrick's Day

st patricks

Shamrock chips! Made with spinach tortillas and a shamrock cookie cutter.

St. Patrick's Day

Jello Cream Cake

for st patricks day

St. Patty's Oreos