Blue jay - My winter friends, they brighten my yard and my spirits when everything else is brown.

Beautiful Birds

Red-crested Cardinal - Maui, Hawaii



Northern flicker - they are such a nuisance!--drumming on the metal top our our chimney and screeching like King Kong calling in the jungle. Click on the link to Woodpecker Control Repellants and other products for woodpecker/bird control or removal that I'm thinking about using.

Snow Owl

About the size of a sparrow, the DOWNY WOODPECKER is the smallest American woodpecker.

Yellow warbler

Christmas bird

Red Crested Turaco by Earl

beautiful birds

Northern Flicker

Peach-faced love birds by Brad Pedersen -- Man has dominated man, animals, sea creatures and birds to his injury!!

White-headed Bulbul


Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker