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  • Mary Wing

    You can exercise all you want. You're never going to burn off crazy. Oh true story.

  • šŸŒ¼ Marjorie šŸŒ¼

    Funny Exercise/Crazy Quotes. You're never going to burn off crazy.

  • Beemae

    Isn't this the truth!! Considering there are plenty of places to run... You choose to run past my house in the middle of the night!!! Just can't get enough can you!!! CRAZY INSANE COMPULSIVE LIAR. If you only knew the conversations about you that ONLY take place between us!!! Lmao dumb ass..... your trying too hard!

  • Melodie Shelton

    Funny stuff!

  • Bonnie Dodson

    Truth! So true!

  • Jessica Chevalier

    Omg I laughed way too hard!

  • Trudy Hodkinson

    Funny Sports/Leagues Ecard: You can exercise all you want. You're never going to burn off crazy.

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