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Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

Great way to use bleachers... symmetry. I could think of some other ideas similar to this...

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England, 2006-2009 | Rick Mather

ღღ Beautiful shadows!!! ~~~ Spiral in black and white staircases

Hiii x im thinking about getting rid of my account most of you dont know who i am i am getting hate for being nialls cuz and its judt not fun getting hate when i get the hate i feel like im not worth it anymore :( x Byeee - em PS some of you only like me cause im a horan!x Hope You all are happy im getting rid of my account :)x Bye xx

Spiral staircase leading to the 'Café Glockenspiel' in Munich, Germany by Philipp Klinger

Inspiring photography. Each stair is lit from every angle, the stairs appear to be inside out, going up, and going down all at once. The color of the stairwell fades from a pigmented black to a soft blue. The photo's concept is simple, but the details make the image really striking.

Colorful set of staircase seen someplace in Bangalore, India. I have not seen any other like this in India, but then, I haven't lived in the state of Kerala, where houses are known to be rather colorful. :-)

Original stairway has decayed. Now there is a ladder to use.

Any stairway that beacons your heart, should always be followed if intuition couples the desire of the heart. Trial and error: Only way to hone this instinct to its maximum potential. Risk. Fail. And you will gain.