Eric Lafforgue - Angola, 2010.

Photo d'Amnon Eichelberg. Photographe israélien dont le travail a été publié dans le National Geographic et The Telegraph. Plus de photos sur :

By Eric Lafforgue #dailyconceptive #diarioconceptivo

Life isn't always fair... it's a learning place - and it hurts to learn all that we must... perhaps her next life will be a reward for all that she suffers in this one... there is always a balance in all things... karma, is what it's all about... Blessed be, precious soul...

The Turkana are a Nilotic people (ethnic groups from southern Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Northern Tanzania) of who inhabit the northwest Kenya known as the Turkana District. They're the third largest ethnic group in Kenya. Women's traditional hairstyle: braided Mohawk. Ornaments indicate their wealth and marital status.

Aborigine Girl ~ Australia ~ Beautiful <3


Papua New Guinea


Laos--from Yao or (Mien)Tribe

A very old woman from a Pagan tribe of Chitral, Pakistan:  the Kalasha. Picture by Gulraiz Ghouri

ethiopia // eric lafforgue

Japan © Eric Lafforgue

Ansel Adams Trailer Camp Children, Richmond, California c.1936

Africa | A young Krobo child, Ghana | photographer ?

Young girl dressed up as Radha (Hindu Myth character - India ) on Janmashtami (annual commemoration of the birth of the Hindu diety, Krishna, the 8th Avator of Vishu.

Kids & bubbles..such simple pleasure!