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HIDDEN beauty………..No.1

pinterest.com/fra411 - . | Black Beauty

black | ebony | noir | dark | color | texture | Nicholas Alan Cope - Vedas (Part 3) - collaboration with Dustin Edward Arnold http://cope1.com/

piet biniek

The body human and beautiful.

Dagne Herondale, last of her name, child of an ancient House of the Eldar.

Saul Steinberg: “Masks” Photo by Inge Morath

(hood design-keep?) ~~~~~~~~~~~ GLITCH (fashion,rad,personal style,villionaire,hooded,armour,chain maille,chain mail,female,face obscured,fetish fashion,latex)

"And what happens if I let him out of his cage?" She asked, her blue eyes looking up at him and the corner of her mouth threatening to smile. "I cannot say," he replied, "But if I were you, I wouldn't try it."

by Aurélie Raidron

Woman wearing full mail and green cloak, holding a sword. By Krzysztof Czyż



Beauty in darkness

.Herondale's drown. She knows this, a thick, bitter truth resting against her ribs. Herondales drown, and disappear beneath the waves. She's counting out time until the water comes for her too.

Looks like this is from the show Vikings on the History Channel. While I know styles of this armor existed, I am not sure as to the accuracy of the time and location.


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