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simple but cool it looks like a shadow but it's just black fabric covering the head.

The Rider's Greed Trilogy: Rider's Blade: Daira's Sword Inspiration

Abstract Photography by Magda Indigo The contrast between the lighter areas and the darker areas creates a pattern almost looking kinda like a clock, yet you know it just a bunch of pencils

Bild über We Heart It #battle #fantasy #legend #mythology #sword #vikings #warrior #valhalla

"What in the kingdom is this?" An arrow whizzed past her and she turned toward it. A hooded figure galloped toward her on a black steed. The infamous robber in the hood! She pulled her own bow, determined not to be easily overcome.

Dennis Scheuermann, Max Gehrlinger, Marcus Vehma, and Libris Weidl by Martin Strauss for Storm Magazine’s "Die Brigade.

Dekilah: I'd love to do a face veil like this for my new Dark Queen