Nadie sabe... que te extraño Nadie sabe... que te hecho de menos. Ahora el deseo y el insomnio se acomodan en mi cama... Ahora mi pecho descubre tan hermoso nacimiento... Ahora Tú y mi corazón saben lo que siento... Y vibro por llegar a tus labios... besarlos y perderme en tus caderas y oler el perfume de tus flores... Nadie sabe... Nadie sabe... que te hecho de menos.


woah - i could probably post this on my art board as well :), because he is definitely a work of..

Low Key

Portrait - Dudoir - Dudeoir - Male Boudoir - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea / Inspiration

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A moment frozen.The smooth feel of the oakFeathers wisping across your handConcentrate on your targetEyes at a slit, You, warrior soul, you. (Picture via Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez)

there's something about a man that stays in shape...<3 ^ that's called lust babe

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy dramatic black and white photography - Nico Nordström.

Boudoir photography for Men, Male Body Portraits, Mens Fitness Photo Shoots, Men's Physique Photos, Dudeoir, Reading, Berkshire, Dudoir UK - Photography - Black and White - Pose

love the rim lighting effect and the crop and the use of the negative space...

"Temptation isn’t a sin that you triumph over once, completely and then you’re free. Temptation slips into bed with you each night and helps you say your prayers. It wakes you in the morning with a friendly cup of coffee, and knows exactly how you take it." - Karen Marie Moning, Burned

By Emmanuel Bobbie ... lighting from side and on the background ... composition wide at top, narrow at bottom ...

Black Men Are Beautiful.

"Civilize the mind but make savage the body." - Chairman Mao Can I just say my favorite muscles on he body are back muscles

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strong arms / guns