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i want to meet and touch one of you perceptive aliens.. won't bite if you don't

Octopus They can change their texture!

In Nature, Animal. Octopus, processing by Jean-baptiste Senegas

- i’m off, to dream of the exotic and escape the mundane

tumblr_m2f7b56wo31qlyc8co1_1280.jpg (638×1024)

Octopi are so beautiful. When I'm rich someday, I'll have one as a pet in a huge saltwater aquarium.

This is an AMAZING picture of an Octopus, look at the beauty this creat beholds. I love the movement of its tentacles :D

Octopuses have 2 eyes and 4 pairs of arms and are bilaterally symmetric. An octopus has a hard beak, with its mouth at the center point of the arms. Octopus lack an internal or external skeleton allowing them to squeeze through tight places. Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrates.

Octopus for sale at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan #kraken #octopus