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American Pop singer, actress and model Pink often stylized as P!nk was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979

Pink is really talented probz best rocker chic out there today, but capable and does well with pop. Get This Party Started is my jam

P!nk - "I've got a guardian angel tattooed on my shoulder. She watches over me" Awesome photo - vulnerable, feminine, strong.

Cirque Du So SLAY, Pink!

P!nk @ Paleo Festival, Suisse

The Nereids were fifty Greek Haliad Nymphs or Goddesses of the Sea. They were the patrons of sailors and fishermen, who came to the aid of men in distress, and Goddesses who had in their care the sea's rich bounty. This is Aktiae (or Actaea). She is the Nereid of the Sea-Shore. (Note: I think Pink makes a *perfect* Goddess!)

Now THAT'S a boudoir shot!! P!nk

Twitter / Pink: That's me and my Givenchy last ...