get it right!


His shirt reads “They gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one.” :(

Women don't ask for it!

Thank to all the women who have fought for our rights. #Feminism #smartgirls #amypoehler

men vs women in history

Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights

D.C. SlutWalk 2011

It is easy to ignore any -ism when it works in your favor

rape can't be provoked

Feminism is all about equal rights and opportunities for people of all genders to live their lives how they choose.

Men of quality support gender equality

Rape is NEVER the victim's fault -- get it through your minds.

Privilege is a viewpoint that does perceive many realities... just not the ones the person has not personally experienced.

men can stop rape

End rape culture

Remember Colleen Hufford who was beheaded by a terrorist muslim while at work in Moore Oklahoma


Rape culture

The world doesn't need feminism/equal gender rights? Wailing mother holds 3 month old daughter who was beaten to death by her own father for being born female. This is Sharia Law which is creeping into every aspect of our schools & courts. Absolutely heartbreaking... Pray for our country.