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    ♀ Rape is Rape. Redefining Rape is evil. Using terms like non-forcible rape equate to a pro-rape stance. VOTE.

    D.C. SlutWalk 2011


    His shirt reads “They gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one.” :(

    Privilege is a viewpoint that does perceive many realities... just not the ones the person has not personally experienced.

    Sharia for all...not.

    Muslims committing 95% of rapes against Norwegian women. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT IN AMERICA? STOP ISLAM!

    12 Heartbreaking Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members<< we need feminism to end the cult of shame around survivors.

    Atheism, Religion, Christianity, Islam, God is Imaginary. If this offends you... but this makes you "proud" you are a hypocrite.

    It is easy to ignore any -ism when it works in your favor

    Rape is NEVER the victim's fault -- get it through your minds.

    MUSLIM GANG RAPE #auspol FIVE YEAR OLD girls needed to be completely covered up because they were too 'enticing' to grown men. Regularly brought to you by Islam, the religion of peace..

    25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

    Women are responsible for their own rape, because Allah hates women!

    Obama compares Islam today & Christianity because of Crusades? … @LodiSilverado #WakeUpAmerica

    More feminist vandalism :)

    Feminist Finger Guns -- Women's T-Shirt