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My older brother once told me: "Because the Hiddles, gives you the Giggles." , and I gave him a mean look on my face after he said that sentence--but now when I realize just makes sense to me. <---- Sounds like my uncle.

NY Daily Newsfrom NY Daily News

KING: Brock Turner, Cory Batey show how race affects sentencing

Two College Athletes. Each were caught and found guilty of raping an unconscious woman which calls for a minumum 15 year sentence. Brock Turner received 6 months in local jail and will probably get out in 3 months while Cory Batey must serve the minimum 15 years in prison. And the rhetorical question is; Why didn't these men receive the same sentence? What could possibly be the difference between them...?

My sign is Leo. A Leo has to walk with pride. When he takes a step, he has to put his foot down. You walk into a room and you want people to know your presence, without you doing anything. Wesley Snipes

PetaPixelfrom PetaPixel

Photographer Uses Light and Shadows to Frame Human Forms in the City


No, that headline is not a typo.  A jury in South Bend, Indiana found that three City of South Bend police officers violated a family’s constitutional rights, and awarded the paltry sum of $1 per ...

Hundreds of thousands of Irish were sold as slaves between the 1500 -1800's. Most people don't believe me when I tell them my ancesters were slaves.

The Selvedge Yardfrom The Selvedge Yard


Cash at Folsom Prison, 1968.

Great use of halftile (subway tile)! A black row in the middle and rounded edges (rel & res) on the shelf.

More on religious vs atheist demographics -