For Mrs Rifleman ;) Are you embarrassed?! LOL! ~ LoveCat Magazine


"In the East a girl’s gotta have charm. In the West all she needs is a rifle. Charm can come later."

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If you look long enough......eventually you will see the rear of a classic #vw bus.

Again, I think it's because she reminds me of River Song more than what she's actually wearing. Plus, the long barrel style gun is my preference.

Another pic idea... Hubby would love this :)

Quintessential Bad Girl.


Bang Bang, bad girls with guns.

❤️ Women Riding Motorcycles ❤️ Girls on Bikes ❤️ Biker Babes ❤️ Lady Riders ❤️ Girls who ride rock ❤️

Bang Bang ! Sweet as sugar, hard as ice, fool me once, i'll kill you twice" - #quote #girl #gun #sugar #ice #fool #BangBang--Bang Bang! Ngọt như đường, cứng như đá, đánh lừa tôi một lần, tôi sẽ giết bạn hai lần "



Bad Boys Always Win....unman?

Bad ass. - http://www.rgrips.com/tanfoglio-tz-75/844-fratelli.html