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  • Oswald The Octopus

    Omg I love this!! my future family

  • Julie Bass

    my child will call their parents mom and mommy <3

  • Josh Miller

    Lesbian pride ♡

  • Thalia Ortiz

    #lesbian #family

  • Julianne Pedoto

    We need to take too many family pictures

  • Britt Lo-Pierce

    Lesbian moms

  • A.S. Chung - Author

    LGBT Children Picture Book, Wishful Wedding, about same-gender marriage equality. “Papa’s sister is getting married today! Daddy and I get ready, a flower girl I am. We witness in delight and giggle with glee but deep down in our hearts, we’re sad you see? When will my fathers be able to wed? I can only hope for change, in the future ahead.”

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Family ♥.... she's THE ONE..... THE REAL DEAL! :) love her..... the moment she walked in we BOTH knew we were going to last forever and be together and have a family :) ♥

Pigeonhole Books creates children's picture books for blended, divorced, multiracial and same-sex families. www.pigeonholeboo... @Pigeonholebooks

our future family picture when we have babies :) my first love is my happily ever after last love that i get to have a lovely loving family with :)

Jillian Michaels with her partner that gave birth to their child.

lets be classy & dapper together baby ♥

new family cute, think I would rather have the rather above protecting and new mommy could hide her tummy!

family picture by photographer Rylee Hitchner